Safari Horses

The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back. Your journey with us will bring essential joy of being in contact with the horse and its nature.

Kaskazi Horses

Our horses are purpose trained safari horses, with a mix of home breeds and thoroughbred crosses. All horses are ridden in English tack (with few exceptions) and trained to neck rain (one hand) as many of them play polo. Our safari string are given lots of schooling, love, care and attention, therefor resulting in their nice characters and strong personalities. They all have their own heads with different temperaments, which allows us to try find the perfect fit for each rider.

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Thoroughbred mare from Kenya. Big strong girl with super smooth gaits and a lovely ride on safari. She very friendly and has a lovely temperament.

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Dada is a thoroughbred mare, originally from Kenya and spent her first years as a race horse.  Today she’s a top safari horse and plays high goal polo. A typical mare with lots of attitude, smooth gaits and a great jumper.

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Diego is a Thoroughbred/ Welsh Cob cross, originally came from SA. His a buckskin gelding, very confident and will master any task given to him. A true companion in the bush, a bit shy to start off with but he will soon steal your heart.  Incredibly smooth gaits and a great jumper.

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Another top bred arab in our safari string, best friend of Zoreya (the other arab), you will never see them apart. A true champ of a horse with a lot of attitude. Very friendly mare, forward going and with the biggest heart.

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Kaskazi is a cross between Thoroughbred /Boerperd and Frisian. A lovely colt /stallion that hopefully will father many of our safari horses. His mother is Snatch  (who’s part of our safari string). His born and bred at our stables in Tanzania.  A lovely tempered boy, super calm and with the movement of a Frisian.

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Thoroughbred gelding, originally from SA. Has played high goal polo his whole life and has now semi retired into a safari horse, apart from the odd occasion when we cant resist to use him for some polo. Forward going ride with the smoothest gaits. Incredible temperament and he always gives his heart.