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Horse Riding Safaris, Tanzania

Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback operation in Northern Tanzania. Our focus lies with horses and Safaris off the beatenpath. Due to the owner’smany years of experience within the Safari industry, Kaskazi designs unforgettable safaris all over Africa, with focus in Tanzania.

Each safari is led by qualified and professionally trained guides, always pushing for a new and exhilaratingadventure. Whether you would like to unfold Africa’s beauty by horseback or by foot,Kaskazi will share its enthusiasm and tell storiesthat will travel generations. The routes are off the beaten track and with a vast knowledge about the countries fauna and flora, we go deep into the bush and together enjoy the wonders that Africa has to offer, the magnificent wildlife, the scenery and the magical interaction with the local tribes who inhabit these areas. All this viewed from what backin the days also used to roam wild, the horse.