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Everyone must make sure to have a yellow immunization card to display upon arrival to Tanzania. Travelers arriving directly from the US and not transferring through a country with risk of yellow fever, are currently not required to be vaccinated for yellow fever. However, immunization against Yellow Fever is required when entering Zanzibar. Your physician may recommend certain other immunizations or Public Health Department and a current recommendation may be obtained from the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (  Protection against malaria is necessary; we recommend the malaria prophylaxis Malarone. Consult your physician to obtain these prescriptions and non-prescription drugs, as your preference may not be readily available.  Please advise us if you have any medical conditions or allergies prior to the safari.


All guests are required to take out full medical and travel insurance, details of which must be submitted prior to arrival. Please bear in mind that most insurance only covers you if a helmet was worn, in the case of an injury. We cover emergency medical evacuation only.


A First Aid Kit is always carried in the backup vehicle on safaris, although we ask guests to bring any required medics as well as malarial prophylaxis.


Everyone will be asked to sign an indemnity form upon arrival.

Accident report form

In any case of injury or fall, each individual that participates on a safari with Kaskazi Horse Safaris, by signing this form, agrees to fill out an accident and injury report if asked by the company.

Information we require from you

When booking with us you will have to fill in a riding questionnaire and a waiver (see the option to download below). It’s of big importance that you will do this accurately and with truthful information. You are advised that due to the presence of lions and elephants within the area in which you will be riding, Kaskazi Horse Safaris will only accept strong intermediate riders on their safaris. We will be riding in the open and broken country, with steep river banks, thorn trees, and ditches, which have to be negotiated.  If you are not of the required standard please do not attempt a ride, as you will not only be endangering your life but also the lives of those accompanying you on the ride.



Download: KHS Safari and riding questionnaire

Download: KHS Waiver